Welcome to the republished Amstrad PCW Page

1st March 2015



The Amstrad PCW 8512

Please note that I have not been involved with the PCW for 15 years and cannot supply spares or equipment of any kind. Neither can I offer help or advice on the PCW. This site is kept up for the benefit of enthusiasts. It is unwise to use the PCW for business or for other important work now as spares are very scarce. 

I finished working with this site in 2007 and until now it has been hosted by a third party. That arrangement has ceased and I recently discovered that Ron’s Amstrad PCW Page was no longer published. As I know it is still referred to by enthusiasts I have decided to republish it although I cannot enter into any discussions or offer help other than that which is in these pages. There is a Google group “comp.sys.amstrad.8bit” that is still active and is a good source of information.Do a search on Google and you’ll find it easily. There are also a few people still offering services for these machines and, again, can be found with a search on Google.

The site is a celebration of a series of remarkable machines that changed the face of computing.

When I started this project I thought it was maybe a waste of time because of the small number of people still interested in the PCW. Instead I have found an enormous amount of information on the Web about all manner of “vintage” computers. There is even an active website about WinApe, an emulator for the Amstrad CPC.

Doing searches on Google, particularly using the “images” facility, produces real treasure and searches for individuals using their name + pcw has found information and websites. Try it ! 

Reading through the pages I have just republished makes me realise how much I learned from the PCW about basic computing and this solid groundwork has enabled me to keep abreast of developments. 

Ron King   gniknor@orangehome.co.uk